Year 8 Databases

We will look at a large database in Excel and then import it into Access to see the different types of searching and sorting that can be done there.

This unit will not cover relational aspects of the Access database but will look at queries and form design.

Project: I can change the world

Let's learn about climate change and how our actions can create positive change!

Professional Learning on Devices


  • Participants will complete this module with a greater understanding of both district and self-selected/created professional learning opportunities available through mobile learning devices.


  • How do I take advantage of district-provided professional learning opportunities through my mobile learning device?

  • What pathways to online professional learning can I take advantage of through my mobile learning device, and how do I find them?

  • How can I build professional learning opportunities using my mobile learning device and share them with others?

Step by Step with Lesson:Examples

This course was created for a workshop at the Mountain Moot 2013 where participants learned how to create Moodle Lessons. There are three lessons available to try as students and a fourth which was built together as an introduction to lesson construction. I have also included the slideshow presentation used during the course of the workshop.

Global Warming and Climate Change

Welcome to our course on environmental problems. Your and your childrens' future is at risk if we do not change our habits and take action for a better planet.
This unit deals with various environmental aspects and you will also meet people who decided to take some action.

Introduction to Logic Design

Number systems, arithmetic operations, decimal codes, alphanumeric codes, Boolean algebra, Karnaugh maps, NAND and NOR gates, exclusive-OR gates, integrated circuits, combinational circuits, decoders, encoders, multiplexers, adders, subtractors , multipliers, sequential circuits, latches, flip-flops, sequential circuits analysis, registers, counters, RAM and ROM memories, programmable logic technologies (PLA, PLD, CPLD, FPGA).

Climate Change, Bigger than the Science

The audience for this course is University level science students with an interest in climate science and climate change. The aim is to give a broader view of the topic of climate change.

So you want to change the world?

This course is intended for high school (secondary students). The main intent is to engage people who don't believe global warming is happening or important.However, I didn't get a chance to finish it, so it is still a work in progress.

A short exploration on how we have changed the world to cause global warming and how we can change the world again to help prevent major damage.

F1 in Schools

Resources for students participating in the F1

Unit 3 - Local True Story

Resources and tasks for Unit 3

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Year 9 Coding

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Resources for year 9 coding